Carpet steam & extraction cleaning with a commercial truck mount machine

There are many carpet & tile cleaners on the coast so what sets us ahead as a premium carpet cleaner? The picture below goes along way to answer this question. We have invested over $30,000 in the set up of a powerful truck mount boxer 427 carpet steam and extraction cleaning machine. This powerful machine produces amazing heat and high pressure that will break down the dirt and grime in your carpets through a steam clean hot water extraction process and then suck that dirt and grime from your carpet through the vac hoses to the holding tanks in our van. We literally drive away with your dirt and grime. No other cleaning method of your carpets will come close to the end result that this steam clean machine produces every time. We guarantee you the Best price - Best carpet clean !!

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Biodegradable solutions

We use 100% biodegradable solutions in our pre-spray to break down all dirt, grime & house hold stains prior to steam cleaning & extraction, perfect for the environment, allergy suffers, kids & pets. Our machinery & solutions are of the highest quality giving you the premium carpet clean. PH 0403873284